Members of the Executive Committee are elected and appointed by SAfA membership during each Biennial Meeting of the Society.

2016-2018 Executive Committee


Past Executive Committees

The SAfA Executive Committee 2014-2016

The SAfA Executive Committee 2012-2014

The SAfA Executive Committee 2010-2012

The SAfA  Executive Committee 2008-2010

  • Student Representative (non-voting): Dana Drake Rosenstein U. of Arizona, Dept. of Anthropology, USA

  • Webmaster (non-voting member): Susan McIntosh, Rice U., USA

The SAfA  Executive Committee   2006- 2008

The SAfA  Executive Committee 2004-2006

The SAfA  Executive Committee 2002-2004

  • Webmasters: Moustapha Sall, Susan McIntosh, Matt Prater

The SAfA  Executive Committee 2000-2002

The SAfA  Executive Committee 1998-2000

The SAfA Executive Committee 1996-1998 
   elected at the 13th biennial meeting of SAfA in Poznan, Poland, September 3 to 7,1996.

  • Steve Brandt, President

  • Chstopher deCorse, Secretary

  • Scott MacEachern, Treasurer

  • Alina Segobye, Member at large

  • Jean Polet, Member at large
       Pam Willoughby, Nyame Akuma Editor 

  • The editors of Nyame Akuma and The African Archaeological Review (Fekri Hassan) are ex officio members.

  • A funding committee was set up composed of Paul Sinclair and David Phillipson. Its primary role is to look into funding African participation at the conference. A liasion committee was also created; members are Barbara Barich, L. Gallemont and Susan Kent.

The SAfA Executive Committee 1994-1996
 elected at SAfA Meeting at University of Indiana, Bloomington

  • Pierre de Maret, President

  • Lech Krzyzaniak, Secretary

  • Steve Brandt, Treasurer

  • Members-at-large?

  • Pam Willoughby, Nyame Akuma Editor 

The SAfA Executive Committee 1992-1994
    elected at SAfA Meeting at UCLA

  • Kathy Schick, President
    Nicholas Toth, Secretary 
    Steve Brandt, Treasurer
    Kofi Agorsah, Member at large
    Pierre de Maret, Member at large
    Kearsley Stewart, Student member at  large (Non-voting)
    John Bower, Nyame Akuma Editor 

The SAfA Executive Committee 1990-1992 
  elected 1990 SAfA meeting at U. Florida, Gainesville   

  • Merrick Posnansky, President 

  • Peter Robertshaw, Secretary

  • Steven Brandt, Treasurer

  • John Bower, Nyame Akuma Editor

The SAfA Executive Committee 1990 
   at the first SAfA meeting, held at the University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, March 22-25, 1990 

  • Peter R. Schmidt, President

  • Steven A. Brandt, Secretary and Treasurer

  • John Bower, Nyame Akuma Editor elect