SAfA membership is essential for anyone with an interest in African archaeology, palaeoanthropology or history. Our membership dues structure is very reasonable, with special provisions for students and retired people and free membership for Africans residing in Africa.

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Annual Membership and Subscription Fees 

The SAfA membership and subscription page integrates online membership registration and payment.

To access the page, please click on the following link: 

SAfA Online Payment Page 

When you open the page, you will select whether you are a new or renewing member. For renewals, the form will ask you to fill in your email and password, with a look-up feature to get that. Once you enter this, your most current information will automatically fill the boxes. You can make changes as appropriate.

As you move down and fill out the form, you'll note that you now have the opportunity to become a member for up to 6 years. This will only be for your SAfA membership and not your journals. Finally, some of the optional journal rates are dependent on your membership status. Please select your individual membership first (student, retired, African resident in Africa, regular). Once you do that, the correct optional journal rates will be displayed.

With this new system you will NOT need to email a membership form to the Treasurer, nor enter the Paypal system.

SAfA membership and subscription payments can be made online, with either a credit card or check, on our Membership payment page. This page integrates online membership registration and payment and will guide you to create a password, which you will use to access your SAfA information, Nyame Akuma online, and the SAfA Commons. Once complete, the system will send an email confirmation/receipt for subscriptions and payments made.

Please note that credit card charges will show up on your statement as:


If you encounter any problems or have questions, please contact the treasurer (Matt Pawlowicz, Please note that the online payment system is run through Rice University and utilizes the most current and stringent security measures.

If you do not have web access, you can still send in membership forms (see below) via fax or email.

 Options and Optional Journals

As before, you have a number of options to choose from when you become a member (or renew your membership):

You can choose to receive Nyame Akuma electronically (via email and password on the SAfA website). If you choose this option, you will create a password that will allow you to access the six most recent issues. Earlier back issues are archived online and available without a password.

However, you can also choose to receive a hard copy subscription to Nyame Akuma; if you choose this option, you will also receive access to the electronic versions. 

As a benefit of SAfA membership, you can order either the African Archaeological Review or Journal of African Archaeology at a discount over regular subscription rates:

Please note that these subscription rates are for individuals only; we cannot process institutional subscriptions to these optional journals.

Membership Form, Word

Membership Form, PDF