CONTENTS (#65, June 2006)

Editor: Pam Willoughby

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Editorial ____________________________________________________________

Prospection archologique dans la vallee du Niger et la vallee de la Mekrou en Republique du Benin.
     Didier N’Dah _____________________________________________________

Preliminary report on excavations conducted in January 2005 at Wodoku, East Legon,Accra, Ghana.
     J. Boachie-Ansah___________________________________________________

An Archaeological Investigation at the Krobo Mountain Settlement Site
     William N. Gblerkpor______________________________________________________

Preliminary Archaeological Reconnaissance of Sites Related to the Slave Trade Era along the Upper Rio Pongo, Guinea.     
     Kenneth G. Kelly_______________________________________________________

Conservation de Developpement du patrimoine. Parc National du W du Niger (PNWN): Une Equation complexe.     
     Oumarou Amadou Ide___________________________________________________

An ethnoarchaeological and archaeological project in Orile-Keesi, Abeokuta, southwestern Nigeria: a preliminary report.
     Samuel O. Ogundele and James B. Odunbaku ______________________________

Archaeological survey of Igbo Oje, near Ogbomosi, Oyo State, Nigeria: A preliminary report.
     Adisa Ogunfolakan, B. Tubosun and J. O. Aleru ________________________________

Western Sahara
Some Vanished Atlantic Saharan rock carvings.
     Mark Milburn _______________________________________________________________