CONTENTS (#64, December 2005)

Editor: Pam Willoughby

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Editorial ___________________________________________________________________________

Report on the 2005 field activities of the Kharga Oasis Prehistoric Project (KOPP). 
      M. M. A. McDonald, J. R. Smith, A. R. Warfe, J. M. Kieniewicz and K A. Adelsberger ___________

Community Relations in an Archaeological Context. 
      Jacke Phillips ____________________________________________________________________

Excavations and Surveys in the Tongo Hills, Upper East Region, Ghana. July 2005. FieldworkReport.      
      Timothy Insoll, Benjamin Kankpeyeng and Rachel MacLean _______________________________

GIS and Landscape Archaeology: Delineating the Possible Long-Term Environmental Effectsof Pastoralism 
on the Laikipia Plateau, Kenya. 

      Michael Causey and Paul Lane ______________________________________________________ 

      Nicola Stern _____________________________________________________________________ 

Exchange networks, socio-political hierarchies and the archaeological evidence for differentialwealth 
amongst Pastoralists in south-western Kenya.

      Allison Simons ____________________________________________________________________ 

Early hominin activity traces at FxJj43, a one and a half million-year-old site in the Koobi Fora Formation in 
northern Kenya. 

      Nicola Stern ______________________________________________________________________

The Projet SAHEL 2004: Preliminary review of new work in the Parc W, Niger. 
      V. Winton, A. Haour and O. IdŽ ______________________________________________________

Northwestern Nigeria terracotta sculptures: Antecedents of Nok Sculptural traditions?
     Musa Hambolo ____________________________________________________________________

South Africa 
Beyond Taung: Palaeoanthropological research at Groot Kloof, Ghaap Escarpment, Northern Cape Province, 
South Africa. 

     Darren Curnoe, Andy Herries, James Brink, Phil Hopley, Karen van Ryneveld, Zo‘ Henderson 
      and David Morris __________________________________________________________________

Scale and temporality in an urban settlement system: Fieldwork in Kilwa Region, Southern Tanzania.
      Stephanie Wynne-Jones ______________________________________________________________

Possible Evidence for Early Woodland Burning by Agropastoralists in Northwestern Zimbabweat 2,000 
years ago.
       Gary Haynes and Janis Klimowicz _____________________________________________________